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Our Help for the Homeless - Helping Those in Need


They say "If you see something, say something" but actions are much more powerful than words. 

From seeing it in the streets to working with people and hearing their angst, homelessness is not something that has gone away or will be anytime soon, unfortunately. It not only affects single men and women but families and many consisting of more than one child, sometimes newborns. 

We cannot simply turn our heads, look away or ignore those in need and hope that the city will help or the person behind us will support them. We should all support each other. As my father always says to my siblings and me - all for one, one for all!

This page is to help fund the efforts of myself, colleagues and volunteers who will be creating Care Packages for those in need, starting with the ones on the streets and train stations. The packages will consist of many basic need items for men/women/families such as(but not limited to):

Water, juice, pads, tampons, wet wipes, soap, hand-sanitizer, moisturizer/lotion, combs, hair brushes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, washcloths, towels, nail clippers, deodorant, sewing kits, Chapstick, gift cards, sunscreen, band-aids/ first-aid kits, socks, gloves, scarves, Metro Cards, Hand Warmers, toe warmers,  tote bags, backpacks, pens, notebooks, blankets, books, magazines, newspapers, Q tips, earplugs, umbrellas, and other supplies.

A group of volunteers will be putting together the packages and to hand out as many as possible to those in street or shelters.

Please visit our page to contribute any mount o change that you can spare to help with this cause Every cent is appreciated and will be used to help many people who are in need.

Click here to contribute 

Contact us with any questions on how the funds are applied how to volunteer or how to help!